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Andrea Jeremiah, Kamal in Viswaroopam Latest StillsViswaroopam (Vishwaroopam) is legendary south actor Kamal Hassan’s latest venture that has been going on well at the box office. The movie is being watched in India and abroad. Post the release, Viswaroopam movie reviews are being read by the cinegoers just for the knowledge whether the film is to be watched or not. Well, it is undoubtedly a good idea to read the reviews first and then go watching a film. Now the masses’ utter focus is on Viswaroopam box office collections (presented below).

The film faced a ban before the release and as per the reports, this ban resulted in around INR 30 crore loss. The film got banned in various locales such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerela, Karnataka and Malaysia. This turned out to be a disaster for the movie’s business.

As per the latest reports, the ban in Tamilnadu has been lifted from the movie. The high court in Tamilnadu has now lifted the ban on Kamal Hassam’s film. Thus the film is now expected to be released there.

Total 25 days box office collections (domestic) for Kamal Hassan’s much-in-talks movie Viswaroopam (Vishwaroopam) were 181.81 crore nett.

Now the Total Viswaroopam 26 Days Box Office Collections (Domestic) are 185.83 crore nett.

You guys now must be interested in knowing about the 27th day BO collections of the movie. Well, the film gained more business on its 27th day in domestic market (India), as the film collected 5.20 crore business – that is really awesome and magnificent. The film’s collections have been going rocket hard providing bigger and biggest business to the distributors, exhibitors, producers and the stakeholders. Wow, these guys must be super happy while pocketing the money in plenty.

Total Viswaroopam 27 Days Box Office Collections (Domestic) now are 191.03 crore nett.

Well, Kamal Haasan’s mammoth magnum opus has now crossed the big mark of 28 days, the film has been on way to show classy business providing entertainment to the viewers. The film’s business is magnificent and marvelous so far and the same is being expected in the days to come. Kamal’s Viswaroopam 28 Days Box Office Collections in domestic market now are 195.93 crore nett.

The film has now spent 29 days at box office and the greatest and proudest thing is that the movie has now crossed another landmark in the history of Indian cinema. Yes, Viswaroopam has crossed 200 crore business in India. Therefore now Viswaroopam’s 29 days box office collections in domestic circuit are INR 200.03 crore. Big cheers for the fans of the movie and big smiles for Kamal Haasan, movie’s stakeholders and distributors, etc.

Talking about Viswaroopam’s 29th day box office collections individually, the film earned 4.10 crore nett.

Kamal Haasan’s biggest movie of his career so far (yes, we can safely say so seeing the collections and the popularity it gained among the world masses) has grossed good collections as well on its 30th day. Total business for the movie turned out to be fantastic now. Viswaroopam 30th day box office collections individually are 3.65 crore.

The 31st day business for the film is also on well search. The film’s business is being scanned with depth by its fans and the moviegoers. The movie has been tremendous so far in theaters in India and even outside the country. Viswaroopam appears to be a classy product that has been on way to allure and entice the cinemagoers from tip to toe. The actor has turned out to be in biggest demand ever though he is already a well-sought after and in heavy demand south actor.

Viswaroopam 31st day box office collections, if you guys would like to know, are again superb – the film grossed 3.28 crore nett on 31st day’ business in India. The film has made the colossal total of 206.96 crore nett in India in just 31 days.

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Wow…wow are what come out of the mouth seeing the growth and progress of the movie at the box office. The film does not want to sit idle or finish up the business at all and that’s called the beauty and the strapping thing which the film has to attract the audiences. Well, Viswaroopam 32nd day box office collections show the same oomph. The film grossed 3.02 crore at the domestic box office on its 32nd day. The total business so far for the film is 209.98 crore nett in India.

The movie is going on and on collecting the giant money from the box office. It is all set to keep creating histories for Indian and south cinemas. Kamal is on way to entice and allure his fans with his marvelous piece of acting. Although the business seems a bit drop than the previous day for last few days, but the overall impact and the business is great. Viswaroopam 33rd day box office collections are 2.80 crore making the total as 212.78 crore nett in India.

No doubt, absolutely there is no doubt at all about the movie’s big and bigger success that is fast coming up. The film will soon write a big history in Indian entertainment. The film’s business is growing and growing leaving no sign of finishing off the business at the box office at all in near future. The fans of the movie are adding day by day and it is a good positive sign for the movie’s big success. Kamal has become a real superstar who is strapping all the way. The man is happy, happier and happiest seeing the box office results of the film. Viswaroopam 34th day box office collections are 2.12 crore in domestic market. The total business in 34 days so far in India is 214.90 crore nett.

Viswaroopam is really on way to allure and entice the souls. The film has really moored the belts to raise the spirits of the audiences who do not want to slip away rather like staying at theaters. They keep producing the business for the film and the film keeps endowing them with interesting material to watch on screen. Viswaroopam 35th day box office collections are 2.03 crore. Well, now the total business in India is 216.93 crore nett.

The film has been really really tremendous as far as the business of box office is concerned. The movie has been doing simply awesome making the stakeholders utterly happy. The man Kamal Haasan is undoubtedly the happiest man on earth seeing the bigger and unexpected collections of the film. Well, the film has now crossed 41 days making the total business as 225.36 crore.

Domestic Collections:

Viswaroopam 1st Day box office collections: INR 8.35 crore

Viswaroopam 2nd Day box office collections: INR 9.10 crore

Viswaroopam 3rd Day box office collections: INR 8.56 crore

Viswaroopam 4th Day box office collections: INR 6.23 crore

Viswaroopam 5th Day box office collections: INR 7.10 crore

Viswaroopam 6th Day box office collections: INR 7.65 crore

Viswaroopam 7th Day box office collections: INR 7.28 crore

Viswaroopam 8th Day box office collections: INR 7.05 crore

Viswaroopam 9th Day box office collections: INR 7.35 crore

Viswaroopam 10th Day box office collections: INR 8.70 crore

Viswaroopam 11th Day box office collections: INR 8.10 crore

Viswaroopam 12th Day box office collections: INR 7.23 crore

Viswaroopam 13th Day box office collections: INR 5.90 crore

Viswaroopam 14th Day box office collections: INR 8.36 crore

Viswaroopam 15th Day box office collections: INR 9.15 crore

Viswaroopam 16th Day box office collections: INR 9.28 crore

Viswaroopam 17th Day box office collections: INR 9.02 crore

Viswaroopam 18th Day box office collections: INR 8.40 crore

Viswaroopam 19th Day box office collections: INR 6.28 crore

Viswaroopam 20th Day box office collections: INR 6.03 crore

Viswaroopam 21st Day box office collections: INR 5.75 crore

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Viswaroopam 22nd Day box office collections: INR 5.20 crore

Viswaroopam 23rd Day box office collections: INR 5.35 crore

Viswaroopam 24th Day box office collections: INR 5.42 crore

Viswaroopam 25th Day box office collections: INR 4.80 crore

Viswaroopam 26th Day box office collections: INR 4.02 crore

Viswaroopam 27th Day box office collections: INR 5.20 crore

Viswaroopam 28th Day box office collections: INR 4.90 crore

Viswaroopam 29th Day box office collections: INR 4.10 crore

Viswaroopam 30th Day box office collections: INR 3.65 crore

Viswaroopam 31st Day box office collections: INR 3.28 crore

Viswaroopam 32nd Day box office collections: INR 3.02 crore

Viswaroopam 33rd Day box office collections: INR 2.80 crore

Viswaroopam 34th Day box office collections: INR 2.12 crore

Viswaroopam 35th Day box office collections: INR 2.03 crore

Viswaroopam 36th Day box office collections: INR 1.76 crore

Viswaroopam 37th Day box office collections: INR 1.80 crore

Viswaroopam 38th Day box office collections: INR 1.82 crore

Viswaroopam 39th Day box office collections: INR 1.20 crore

Viswaroopam 40th Day box office collections: INR 1.03 crore

Viswaroopam 41st Day box office collections: INR 0.82 crore

Total Viswaroopam’s 41st Days Collections for total 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Weekend Collections (Domestic): INR 225.36 crore nett (total business so far)

Viswaroopam Heroine Pooja Kumar Hot StillsThe movie’s business has been really magnificent and attention-grabbing plus lucrative. There are no signs of dropping so far. It seems the film will end up with unexpected box office business in the history of Indian cinema. The 200 crore mark in India has now been attained and that’s the biggest achievement. The film is now on way to write a history. Let’s wait and see at what figure, the film’s business closes up.

Viswaroopam has been released in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi versions with the mammoth budget of INR 95 crore (USD 17.29 million)

Overseas Collections:

The flick has been doing great and producing good results in foreign circuits so far. Both versions were released in foreign market. The updated overseas box office report is as follows:

First Weekend:

Viswaroopam’s Tamil Version Collections:

USA: ($ 6,34,912) 3.43 crore

UK & Ireland: (£ 95,676) 81.23 lacs

Viswaroopam’s Telugu Version Collections:

USA: ($ 1,02,657) 55.38 lacs

Second Weekend:

Kamal Haasan’s Viswaroopam Tamil version made the collections of £ 75,140 on 20 screens in its second weekend and the total business so far is £ 2,22,693 (Rs. 1.86 crores).

In USA, the Tamil version collected $ 2,03,901 on 43 screens in its second weekend and the total business so far there is : $ 9,16,754 (Rs. 4.89 crores).

The Telugu version of the film in USA collected $ 55,251 on 21 screens in its second weekend and the total business so far is $ 1,67,139 (Rs. 89.07 lacs).

Updates on Viswaroopam’s Overseas Box Office Collections will be done once further reports come. Hindi version has been released on 1st February.

For the updates on Viswaroopam’s box office collections, the page will be kept updating as the reports come. Thus do keep visiting this space. Also read our Viswaroopam review. And Viswaroopam Hindi Movie Review too can be read.

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