PIX: A Look at Imran Khan’s Marriage with TV Anchor Reham Khan and Why an Actress Wept A Lot

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imran with reham-02Imran weds Reham – this is what has been trending on social media and in the media. The internationally famed former Pakistani cricketer turned politician Imran Khan has married ex-BBC weather girl turned Pakistani TV anchor Reham Khan earlier today at a small ceremony held at Imran’s gargantuan lavish bungalow at Bani Gala, Islamabad. The Nikah ceremony was held today on Thursday on 8th January 2015 where only the close friends and family members of Imran Khan and Reham Khan were present.

Imran Khan wedding pictures have started making the big rounds of the media and the web. The entire social media is buzzing with his marriage photos and details on his wedding, as Imran Khan’s popularity graph is much higher in Pakistan and across the globe,. He has big fan following around the world, thus everyone is much concerned about his wedding.

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Imran Khan’s marriage was a low key affair, as he wanted to make it simple. His previous marriage to Jemima was a big lavish affair, which had taken place in Paris, London and then in Pakistan. Post marriage, his honeymoon too was widely captured, which had taken place in various parts of the world. And analysts had mentioned that his marriage was the second biggest marriage in the world after Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage.

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As per reports, the nikah of Imran and Reham was conducted by Mufti Saeed.

There were reports about Imran Khan’s marriage, but the PTI (Pakistan Tehrik-E-Insaaf) Chairman had denied all reports, but upon his departure from London on Tuesday, 6th January, he talked to the media at Heathrow Airport and said that he was returning to Pakistan to share good news with his country people.

There is no doubt that Imran Weds Reham is a big trend today on social media and the wedding photos are making the rounds everywhere. The entire media in Pakistan and the world has been giving good coverage to his wedding because of the big popularity of the man.

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Reham Khan, 41, is a divorcee like Imran Khan. She has three kids from her previous marriage to a doctor. Before joining in Pakistani media, she was working in BBC London as a weather girl and a presenter on BBC Regional News. She left the BBC in 2013. Recently Reham Khan’s leaked video too made a big amount of rounds on the social media.

Interestingly, Reham has interviewed Imran Khan on her show and talked to him live for his comments on her show, as she is a political show anchor in Pakistan. How did love bloom between the two is yet to come out, though there are various rumors in the media for the same.

Imran, 62, had married Jemima Goldsmith in 1995 and divorced her in 2004. From her, he has two sons m who live with their mother Jemima in London. Imran told the media that he had gone to London to consult with his sons about his new marriage.

The reports have it that Imran Khan’s sisters, who were much keen to get brother married again and were talking a lot during Imran’s protests last year after he announced to marry soon, did not attend the marriage. Reason is still unknown.

Pakistani actress, who has also worked in Bollywood, Meera had proposed many a time to Imran and she had been continuously showing her love for Khan, but he did not take her proposal seriously. Even he did not even comment on it. When Imran’s marriage news started running in the media, Meera, as per reports, wept a lot.

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Imran was a real hero and darling of the world women in his heydays. Not only Bollywood actresses were in love with him, but also Pakistani actresses and the western actresses were in his love apart from the common females. His scandals too used to make big rounds in the media.

From Imran’s wedding with Reham, it appears that he likes to get married with the women who are vivacious, bubbly and westernized because Reham is aptly like that and his ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith too was the same.

Check out Imran Khan wedding pictures with this article.

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