Rowdy 1st Weekend Collections, Total Business Updates

By Anil Kumar, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

rowdy picture-showbizbitesRowdy 1st weekend box office collections let us know that the film has been producing just average business at the box office. Ram Gopal Varma’s film has not allured the audiences as it should have been. But anyway, the average business has been coming that will keep adding the amount to film’s total. Rowdy 3rd day box office collections are okay, as the movie earned 3.12 crore.

The film is not being expected to create any ripples at theaters in coming days. The upcoming days would be laced with drop in business as the weekdays are going to being and this drop will damage the film’s total. Rowdy 3rd day box office collections came (as mentioned earlier) just average like previous days. After adding third day’s business, the total comes up something okay, but not attractive or what was required. Rowdy 1st weekend box office collections are just 10.60 crore.

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Ram Gopal Varma’s Rowdy is a replica of his own Hindi movie Sarkar. But it has not been mentioned at all. Sarkar had done really nice, but this one could not and will not also. After knowing Rowdy 10th day box office collections, the picture of the film’s position becomes more clear. You guys can now return back to the website, after reading about Rowdy 1st weekend box office collections, to read more on this film. Till then, you are offered to read other posts on the website such as Maan Karate 1st weekend box office collections, Legend 2nd weekend collections, Hrudaya Kaleyum 1st weekend collections, Main Tera Hero 1st weekend collections, Jal 1st weekend collections and Shruti Haasan hottest cleavage show (photos).

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