R…Rajkumar 24th Day Box Office Collections – Around 80 Crore Domestic Business

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

sonakhsi-r...rajkumar-showbizbitesR…Rajkumar 23rd day box office collections were simply magnificent, as the film did good business to lure the souls. The movie earned 40 lakhs on 23rd day. The movie, which has been providing real entertainment to the entertainment hungry viewers since the outset, has been a real source of entertainment-injection to the cinema aficionados from all angles. Well, where the 23rd day’s business was nice, R…Rajkumar 24th day box office collections too were handsome rather they witnessed a little bit of jump in the business. The film earned 45 lakhs on the 24th day that is simply attention-grabbing business though there was a bit of jump, but this shows that the film still can go ahead in business. Shahid Kapoor is the darling of many and they have been supportive to his movie putting aside the views of the critics whatsoever they wrote about the film.

The total domestic collections so far are now 79.32 crore. Although the 100 crore business in domestic market seems far ahead for the movie, but the business of the film (the lifetime collections) will be magnificent and raving for sure. R…Rajkumar 23rd day box office collections show the same. The movie entices the cinema lovers and this is because they have been pouring on theaters till today. R…Rajkumar 24th day box office collections reveal the movie will go on for few more days.


Let’s wait and see what happens to R…Rajkumar’s overall business. It still goes on and on and it should do so, since the content is what the movie lovers would love to watch on screen. The action, though is not of standards, but grabs the audiences’ attention. Whatsoever the faults the movie has, the interesting thing is that it keeps churning out business to entice the stakeholders. R…Rajkumar 23rd day box office collections show the brilliance and the same is well and fully shown by the following day’s business i.e. R…Rajkumar 24th day box office collections. Come back to read more about the movie and its business. R…Rajkumar 25th day box office collections business report will be published at the website, thus, come back to read the same. Meanwhile, you just chill with other stories on the website such as Dhoom 3 10th day box office collections (2nd weekend box office collections), Gauhar Khan wins Bigg Boss 7 show (see pictures also), Arrambam 58th day collections and Biriyani 8th day collections.

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