Nautanki Saala 3rd Day Box Office Collections – Nautanki Saala 1st Sunday Collections

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

ayushman in nautanksi-showbizbitesNautanki Saala 3rd day box office collections appeared to be handsome for the film. The makers and all the stakeholders of the movie might be really happy and excited with the business of the film, they have been getting so far. In just three days’ time, the film received nice collections. On the 3rd day of business, the movie grossed 6 crore nett in domestic market. The film received good reviews from the critics. The opening day’s initial occupancy was low but later the day, the film gained momentum and received good business. Then on 2nd day, the business again got boost. And on third day, the film did marvelous by receiving the most gained business in three days’ time i.e. 6 crore on 3rd day. The film day’s business was 3.25 crore and then 4 crore and now 6 crore. Wow is the sound must have come out of the mouth of the stakeholders.

Nautanki Saala 1st Sunday business is marvelous. And now the film will be on getting more business in the days to come. Nautanki Saala 3 days total box office collections are now 13.25 crore nett in just Indian market. This is undoubtedly a good business for the film with no star value and low budget.

Nautanki Saala total domestic box office collections are nice to rave about. The film has been on way to churn out business.  The film’s good business is word of mouth publicity and the positive reviews from the film critics. The ups and downs in collections would follow from now onwards, but the fact remains that the overall business is enough to talk big, as what has been earned so far in three days has already provided the sigh of relief for the investors. Nautanki Saala‘s business is slightly better than the competitor Commando – A One Man Army.

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Nautanki Saala 3rd day box office collections are decent and now you guys fasten the belts to learn the film’s worth in the days to come. Nautanki Saala 4th day box office collections can be read at this website by landing on this place again. Till then, you can read Nautanki Saala 2nd day collections, Commando 2nd day collections and there is a nice article on top 10 Bollywood songs of the week.

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