Total Siyapaa Movie Review

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

total siyapaa-photo-showbizbitesProducer: Neeraj Pandey and Shital Bhatia

Director: Eshvar Nivas

Cast: Ali Zafar, Yami Gautam, Kirron Kher and Anupam Kher

Music: Ali Zafar

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

Well, this is not new that Bollywood has brought up a film on cross-border romance. A number of movies have been made on this subject and most interestingly they worked big time at the box office meaning that audiences gave thumps up to them. This might have been the reason of churning out Total Siyapaa on the same subject. Total Siyapaa walks on the same path, but also takes an altogether different route as well, since it has been targeted as a hilarious comedy, whereas the past cross-border movies were entirely on serious romance and the difficulties the lovers faced due to being Indians and Pakistanis.

Movies on India-Pakistan lovers, as mentioned earlier, always worked well. Now let’s see if Eshvar Nivas’s Total Siyapaa allures the souls of the audiences or not? Read on to get the answer.

Eshvar injects humor in his outing with mayhem the lovers face. The film is based on a Spanish film ‘Only Human’. In Indian version, the nationalities have been changed to relate with Indian masses. Additionally, the concept too has been modified a little bit to suit with Indians’ taste.

Total Siyapaa is set in London, where the two characters meet and fall in love with each other. Aman (Ali Zafar) is of Pakistani origin whereas Asha (Yami Gautam) is of Indian origin. To get married with his love, he now has to seek the permission of Asha’s parents (Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher). He arrives at their home, but when the mother gets to know that he is a Pakistani, Aman’s plans to tie the knot with his love lose the energy and life. Now start the unfortunate events with the unlucky Aman.

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The plot is really interesting and a luminous with full dose of humor script can be written on. But the screenplay lacks the life in terms of apt and required quantity of humor and wacky situations. Although, the humor is packed to keep you in splits, but there was more room to inject more to make the people crazy. In this department, the film lacks much. The film’s producer Neeraj Pandey is behind the story and the screenplay’s credits. He must have gone for writing the script crispier. Had he made it extra wackier with full dose of humor, the film would have been a real-crowd-puller.

Direction by Eshvar Nivas catches the rhythm. He executes some episodes brilliantly well. Music by Ali Zafar is ordinary – there are no chartbusters in the album. Editing is average. Cinematography is fine.

Ali Zafar delivers bravura performance. Yami Gautam looks gorgeous and enacts her part skillfully. Kirron Kher is the central focus of the film, since she loots the hearts with her mind blowing performance. Anupam Kher is limited, but does fine. Rest of the cast is okay as well.

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Final Verdict:

Total Siyapaa is an average entertainer. Had the writer worked more carefully on the script by injecting more humor, the film would have been a box office igniter.

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