Bigg Boss 7: Kamya Punjabi and Sangram Break Big Brother’s Record

By Kalpana Mathur, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

kamya-sangram-showbizbitesBigg Boss 7, Kamya Punjabi and Sangram break the international record by sitting inside the box for more than 26 hours. Earlier this record was set at the Big Brother, UK, as the contestants on that show sat inside the box for 26 hours, but Indian contestants on Indian Bigg Boss 7, Kamya and Sangram defeated them by sitting inside the box for more than 26 hours. Well done! You guys have broken the international record. On this achievement, Bigg Boss announced the news and congratulated both the contestants on last night’s episode. But the two are still inside their boxes underneath, one can hardly sit and they have been inside for more than 30 hours or so (as was announced on last night’s episode by other contestants).

Well, these two – Kamya Punjabi and Sangram are really strong contenders and whenever there is any task, they proved that they were stronger than the others on the show and this time around, they have opened everybody’s eyes including the contestants on the show, Bigg Boss 7. Now Kamya Punjabi and Sangram break international record, all eyes are set on both of them to see who comes out first, as the tussle between the two  is going on. Of the two, no one was ready to come out first. Even, one time, they both decided to come out together, but then decided to stay there.


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Three contestants – Andy, Sangram and Kamya were chosen to sit inside the box by Bigg Boss as part of the luxury budget task. But Andy came out after sitting for 19 hours inside the box. His health turned out to be bad and doctors prescribed him to take rest. But other two went on staying there, broke the record and still are inside.

Contestants are forcing them to stop and come out since much time has elapsed, but both are strong enough to sit inside the box. Let’s wait when they come out and who comes out first. The winner will get the ticket to grand finale. If you like the story Kamya Punjabi and Sangram break the international record by sitting inside the box for more than 26 hours, you may also love reading other stuff on the website such as Jackpot Movie Review, What The Fish Movie Review and Sayali Bhagat marriage with a businessman.

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