Jai Ho Movie Review

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

jai ho movie poster-showbizbitesProducer: Sohail Khan and Sunil. A. Lulla

Director: Sohail Khan

Cast: Salman Khan, Tabu, Denzongpa and Daisy Shah

Music: Sajid-Wajid and Others

Rating: [rating=4]

Well, finally Salman Khan’s much-awaited film ‘Jai Ho’ hits the screens today in India and abroad. The movie was being awaited very anxiously by all of his crazy fans in India and overseas. Besides, Salman too was super curious for the film’s release and he was even afraid of its box office dull, as he showed the same in the media. But, he does not have to show any fear now, since his outing is the best of his career without any doubts and is going to be a mega hit rather a blockbuster for sure. Jai Ho is the remake of a Telugu movie ‘Stalin’ (2006) that was also the inspiration of a Hollywood film ‘Pay It Forward’ (2000). Having the three Khans on board has become the success formula now since they deliver superhits and even blockbusters. Producers are willing to spend whopping amount of money on them by showing utter trust on these three giant Khans of Bollywood fraternity, since they are well-aware of the fact that in return, colossal profit will come in their pockets.

Last year, two Khans – Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan gave two movies to the masses to enjoy with. Both turned out to be supremely successful at the box office making giant and unbreakable records, but Aamir’s film went far ahead of SRK’s Chennai Express. Dhoom 3 broke all records of Bollywood movies and emerged the highest record-breaker of all time in the history of Bollywood industry. Not only did the movie make records in India, but also went on generating historical business in the world. Now, it would really be difficult for any Hindi movie to surpass the records set by Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3.

Salman Khan was away from silver screen last year. His fans missed him a lot, but he nonetheless endowed them with his screen presence on television with his hosting of a reality show. Now he returns with a bang and a massive venture ‘Jai Ho’ directed and co-produced by his younger brother Sohail Khan. Sohail returns to direction after almost a decade. And his long hiatus of direction did not stop him staying away from entertainment since he kept appearing on television judging the shows, etc. Now his mega project is out for the entertainment of the viewers that he does with elder brother and the apple of masses’ eye Salman Khan, the box office igniter hero of Hindi cinema.

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Jai Ho is without a single doubt is the biggest enterprise of 2014. Like all previous movies of Salman Khan such as Wanted, Ready, Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiiger and Dabangg 2, Jai Ho too walks on the similar lines, but also takes a distinctive route as well, as it carries a noble message about a change in society and the protagonist’s war against the evil. Macho man’s fans want him to slip into high octane action and the flick does endow them with the same. His dialogue ‘aam aadmi sota hua sher hain, ungli mat kar, jaag gaya to cheer-phaad dega’, is what send chill through the body and boils the blood at the same time.

Jai (Salman Khan) is an honest common man brawling a lonely war against the injustice and corruption in society. His mission is to help the people as many as he can. His mantra is simple – helping someone and then asking that person to help others in return. This makes a chain of helping people. But in his noble work of making the society clean from injustice and corruption, he finds the hurdle in shape of a powerful politician (Danny Denzongpa). The former army officer, Jai, is not afraid of this hurdle at all. When the politician sends his goons on Jai, Geeta (Tabu), Jai’s sister, realizes the hazardous consequences which might ooze out in return on Jai and entire family. She asks the brother to cool down and make a peace with the politician. But when peace turns into humiliation, Jai declares a war against the evil politician. This one is not an equal brawl between the two since on the politician’s side, there is a big team of goons and on Jai’s side, he is all alone. But the brave man is geared up to fight with all. But he is unaware of the fact that a silent revolution has begun among the public – the people he helped them in past.

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Sohail Khan tries to stick with the original directed by A.R. Murugadoss. His direction leaves an impact on the minds of the viewers. He makes the viewers glued to the screens. He handles the emotional sequences with super finesse.

Story is such powerful that you simply slip into the magic of it. Screenplay is flawless – minor faults are ignorable when the whole product is simply scrumptious and heart-hitting. Story credit goes to A.R. Murugadoss. Script has been penned by Dileep Shukla, who deserves brawny marks for his remarkable effort.  First half of the movie carries sub-plots making you enjoy Jai’s relationship with his sister, mother and lady-love (Daisy Shah). Second half takes you to watch the war between the protagonist and the antagonist. Action has been skillfully handled. Cinematography is splendid and eye-pleasing. Editing is fine. Jai Ho succeeds in all departments of the movie except music, which has not been given complete care. Salman’s movies carry soothing and chartbuster music. But this time around, the music seems ordinary. There is no such song in film album that you can hum it around.

In this 2.25 hours cinematic journey, there is Salman, Salman and Salman. And most importantly, you cannot get bored even for a moment. This is the stardom, magic and the brilliance of the star. His star power is super high and people simply love this man.

Salman Khan delivers the superlative and luminous performance. He shows his class and the giant acting prowess he possesses in plenty on Jai Ho’s platform. He rises above all the cast on this show. Tabu gets a good scope to enact a bravura performance. Daisy Shah does not get a meaty role and her debut vehicle as an actress goes waste. Danny Denzongpa is first rate. Genelia Deshmukh impresses with her cameo. Nadira Babbar is top notch. Suneil Shetty in his brief role attracts. Film carries a horde of supporting cast and they all impress with their respective characters.

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Final Verdict:

Jai Ho is Salman Khan’s show all the way and he justifies his character completely. With complete dose of action, entertainment and emotions, Jai Ho is a sure-shot BLOCKBUSTER.

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