Babloo Happy Hai Movie Review

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

babloo happy hai-still-showbizbites-03Producer: Filmybox Movies and Leapfrog Productions

Director: Nila Madhab Panda

Cast: Sahil Anand, Sumit Suri, Preet Kamal and Erica Fernandes

Music: Bishakh-Kanish

Rating: [rating=1]

Babloo Happy Hai is the directorial venture by Nila Madhab Panda who earlier has impressed the audiences with I Am Kalam and Jalpari. This time, he comes up with a bold subject for the entertainment of the moviegoers. The film is a love saga with a social message for the masses. The story of the movie is set in the fast era of today. Nila’s film touches a number of topics such as learning, coming of age, exploring, even marriage and AIDS.

In the luxurious neighborhood of Delhi, Jatin (Sahil Anand), a 24-year-old guy plans a road trip to North with his friends – Rohan (Amol Parashar) and Hary (Sumit Suri). Jatin is going to get married, thus, he thinks this one trip would be his last bachelor journey. So, he wants to make it lively. He is going to marry Tamanna (Preet Kamal), a high society girl. All is well until Natasha (Erica Fernandes) slips into the scene. The one night stand between Jatin and Natasha leads him to more meetings and slipping him into deep dilemma between duty and love. All gets worse as the plot thickens. Deepa (Anu Chaudhary) and Harsh (Pravin Dabas) from the BGO Aashry come up. They are much in love with each other and start teaching the young bunch, who begins adoring and admiring the couple.

The narrative carries a number of flaws. The first half of the movie focuses merely on the setting of the story’s premise and Jatin’s saga. The second half too instead of focusing on the main topic begins shaking on various topics. Direction is pretty ordinary. Editing is poor. Cinematography is fine. Music is poor.

It is only Erica Fernandes who stands out with her marvelous acting skills. Sahil Anand is just about okay. Sumit Suri is below average. Rest of the cast is plain average.

babloo happy hai-still-showbizbites-02Final Verdict:

In a capsule, Babloo Happy Hai is a waste of time and money. Stay away from it.

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