10 Interesting Facts about Alia Bhatt, Which You Don’t Know

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

alia bhattAlia Bhatt is the darling of every heart be it men or women, all and sundry love this actress. She is without any doubt is the most popular actress on Bollywood front today. She enjoys big stardom in a short span of time and this has come up because of her talents and beauty. She loves kissing the headlines and she keeps on doing the same all the time. Alia, 22, is the central focus of her fans and all moviegoers. Everyone wants to know about her, but there are facts about Alia Bhatt, which many of us do not know at all.

Here is the list of 10 facts about the bubbly actress, which people are not aware of. Check them out.

1) The gorgeous actress loves keeping certain things to herself in her off-screen life. She happens to be an introvert.

2) Her father is the legendry filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and her mother is an actress Soni Razdan. Many of us do not know that she was not on talking terms with her father for long time. But she admires him a lot and says she has inherited the will power from her father.

3) Alia wants to tie the knot with a guy who makes her laugh and can be her best buddy.

4) When asked which movie of her father she wanted to be a part, she said she would love to be part of 1991’s movie Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi starring Aamir Khan and her stepsister Pooja Bhatt in main leads.

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5) Have you watched Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta starrer ‘Sangharsh’? Did you notice the baby Preity in the film? Well, she was Alia Bhatt who played that role. She was first seen as a child artist in that movie.

6) Alia and designer Masaba Gupta are best friends and they have girls gang, which they call ‘Spice Girls’.

7) Alia loves painting especially charcoal painting. Besides she also loves sleeping when finds free time.

8) She is a foodie and loves eating French Fries and drinking beverages.

Facts about Alia Bhatt

9) Do you know what was Alia’s weight when she was shortlisted for Student of the Year by Karan Johar? Well, she weighed 67 kgs and she was just 17 then. Karan asked her to shed the weight if she liked to be cast in the movie.

10) She is a big fan of yogurt and loves eating it.

Guys, did you like our list on facts about Alia Bhatt? Let us hear what you think about it.

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