Director Wanted Me to Jump on Top of Nawazuddin Wearing Petticoat in a Bed Scene: Chitrangada Singh

By Anil Kumar, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

Chitrangada Singh’s Babumoshai BandookbaazChitrangada Singh’s Babumoshai Bandookbaaz grabs quite a big buzz these days – courtesy: her spat with the film director. She has walked out of the movie after her fight with the director Kushan Nandy. She claimed that she was traumatized on the sets. Singh tells that she was asked to do an intimate bed scene with her costar Nawazuddin Siddique several times even she was not comfortable at all. The actress says that after the shot was filmed, Kushan said that he did not like the way she shot the scene. He wanted her to lie on top of Nawazuddin.

The actress told that she was wearing a petticoat for that sequence so she was unable to do again. But the director was not in a mood to hear her. Thus the two landed into a big argument. Kushan wanted Chitrangada to do the intimate scene again besides he wanted her to do it bindaas. She said what bindaas he wanted – a woman in a petticoat jumping on her man?

Singh then revealed that a montage was already shot, where Kushan liked her to do something similar. In this montage, both Nawaz and Chitrangada kissed, but the director wanted them to do second kiss in the intimate sequence.

Expressing on Kushan’s partner Kiran Shroff, Chitrangada said that she was the ultimate decision maker on the sets. She interfered and asked that she wanted a long smooch between her and Nawaz. This all made the actress to walk out of the project.

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